10 Broadway Fun Facts Infographic

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Did you know that Ethel Merman once had a guest role on the Adam West “Batman” television show? Or that Stephen Sondheim almost pursued a completely different career path in college? Check out our of 10 Broadway Fun Facts to find out more theater facts.

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  1. Kate Rose says:

    The reason Number 8 came into being, is because in the Original London cast, when Patti LuPone was Fantine, they told the cast whenever they were not principals they would become part of the ensemble. Patti was not going to have that and avoided it for a long time because she was performing another show after Les Mis rehearsals. But one day she came into rehearsals, and one of her friends, knowing she didn’t want to be in the ensemble said “Oh look, Patti’s here!” and they were rehearsing that very scene that day and Patti was made the bullet boy. (All of this according to Patti’s memoirs)