Top Ten of 2011: Biggest Names on Broadway


Before we usher in a new wave of celebrity, let’s honor the big names on Broadway of 2011. Broadway featured quite a few all-stars with measured influence when it comes to generating box office revenue in 2011. These stars possess impressive celebrity personas that help with press attention and generating awareness for the […]

Private Lives announces it will close early


Private Lives, , starring Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross, has announced that it will play its last show on December 31. Producer Paul Elliot said, “ Despite fantastic reviews, ticket sales have been slower than we had hoped for and it would be irresponsible to continue running into the notoriously difficult January period.” […]

Noel Coward’s Private Lives Opens on Broadway to Mixed Reviews

Paul Gross and Kim Cattrall

Richard Eyre’s production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives opened Thursday, November 17th at the Cort Theatre on 48th Street.  Kim Cattrall (“Sex and the City”) and Paul Gross (“Slings and Arrows”) lead the small ensemble cast in this classic comedic masterpiece.  Following a critically acclaimed Tony Award-winning revival in 2002 featuring Alan Rickman […]